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How is Millionwatts different from other data/list providers and professional networking sites?
Only Millionwatts delivers human verified contact data of senior executives to solve sales, marketing, and other business challenges. Our comprehensive company and contact data is the most accurate in the industry
How does Millionwatts collect its data? What are the sources?
Millionwatts gathers its data from hundreds of sources, using multiple data gathering methodologies to take advantage of the strengths of each. The data is curated from many different types of media: news, specialty data vendors, social media, web, crowd-sourcing, and more.
How does Millionwatts validate its data?
Our primary means of validating data is through emails and tele calls for each data point to determine accuracy. It’s the most reliable way to continuously authenticate data. Our data usrs also kepp us alarmed if they find any such record. This is done because we replce each bad record of our client immediately.
How often does Millionwatts validate its company/contact data?
Millionwatts’s data is living and breathing. Some data updates happen in real-time, while others are dependent on the update frequency of the underlying data sources (daily, weekly, and monthly updates). In addition, we validate email addresses every 60 days, whether or not we’ve received an update. You will notice a “Last Validated” date on each record. This reflects the most recent date when an executive’s information was last updated or validated by Millionwatts. The date takes into consideration input from multiple sources, including updates from vendor sources, updates submitted by Millionwatts users, and updates made by Millionwatts’s content team.
How reliable is Millionwatts data?
Millionwatts’s data is the most reliable in the market, aggregated and validated from hundreds of sources, using our own proprietary mathodology. While no database that deals in fast-changing information can be 100% correct at any given time, clients testimonies show that Millionwatts data accuracy is significantly higher than that of other data providers.
What if I find information I know is wrong?
While Millionwatts’s approach is the primary reason for our industry-leading data accuracy, no dataset can ever be 100% accurate. Data simply changes too fast. Which is why we provide a way for users to submit corrections if they find any data wrong. Each record is hand-researched, validated, and augmented with additional data elements by an Millionwatts data expert.
What if I can’t find a company or contact I’m looking for?
Millionwatts is committed to delivering data is relevant for B2B commerce and focus on providing contacts that are key decision-makers and influencers, and small companies, branch offices, and franchises are generally not included in our data. We deliver company and contact information for all large companies operating in India.
How does your contact data compare to other data providers?
Millionwatts has the highest contact accuracy in the industry, as confirmed by benchmark studies, quarter after quarter. As far as contact coverage goes, we do not have the largest contact database, and that’s intentional. We focus on the contacts that matter – decision-makers and key influencers – so you can find the people you need, without having to sift through a lot of clutter. This means we focus on CxO, VP, director, and board member titles, and will sometimes include managers and individual contributors who are thought to influence buying decisions. Other databases often include as many contacts as they can find, which means you have to work through volumes of low level, duplicate, and out dated records to get to the ones you need. Millionwatts increases your productivity by reducing data noise.