Reach Marketing, Advertising and Media decision makers at Top Selling Brands

Outsourced prospecting services to fuel new business of marketing, advertising and media businesses.

With access to thousands of highly targeted qualified decision makers at 4000+ top selling brands in India, We simplify prospecting for your sales, marketing and business development teams.

Our data lists and prospecting service accelerates the new business development and sales process and drives more profitable connections through dynamic, human verified contact data – giving you the competitive advantage to win more in an ever-changing market.


Agency Business Development, Media Sales, Sponsorship and Advertising Technology companies use MillionwattsDATA daily to generate new sales leads.

Whether you’re a multinational enterprise, a two-person start-up, or anything in between, continuous flow of new business prospects is critical to your success.

No matter the size of your company, all business development, sales and marketing personnel share one common need - a pipeline filled with high quality prospects contact data lists. With MillionwattsDATA, now no more waiting for success.


Creation of Prospect Lists

Keep your pipeline full and be more productive with cleaner, fresher prospects data lists.

Discover decision makers in top brands faster with access to accurate and complete contacts. Increase sales opportunities by 29% with cleaner and more reliable data. Give your teams a pipeline of ready-made accounts and contacts they want to target. Our monthly subscription plans give you the power of highest quality contact data profiles to accelerate your new business conversions like never before.

Identify and engage the most relevant advertising, media and marketing decision makers at your most sought-after brands.

15,000+ marketing decision makers
4,000+ top spending national brands
90-day data verification cycle

We create segmented contact data lists for your specific business development, sales and marketing needs.

Lead Generation thru Targeted Emails

Millionwatts helps marketing advertising and media companies create and develop email marketing campaigns for new business prospecting and media sales lead generation.

To discuss a campaign or get a quote, call us at 8505999819

We are the only new business and sales prospecting resource

for clients in traditional and non-traditional marketing and advertising media - from publishers, social networks, and sports organizations to event, direct marketing, digital advertising agencies and more - all of whom rely on our service to reach the right decision-makers, quickly and efficiently.


You actually want less, better, prospect lists and not piles of it to get overwhelmed.

Our knowledgeable and experienced researchers leverage hundreds of potential sources to create and update quality data and prospects list on a daily basis.

Let our dynamic, human-verified data power your success. We enable you to build accurate and actionable contact data lists on an ongoing basis to help you grow your business.

Specialist teams on each vertical are deployed to collect, aggregate, edit, and verify data from hundreds of sources daily so that our clients can use the information to target the right businesses.

Our approach takes advantage of multiple data sources coupled with our own call center verification and manual checks to continually enrich and update the data..

Find New Clients Quickly and Easily. With Our Prospects list every month.

Increase productivity of your business development and sales teams with Millionwatts Prospects Builder.
Build your marketing and sales pipeline with the help of most relevant database of marketing, advertising and media decision makers at your most sought-after brands. Our targeted database of marketing decision makers in India is highly accurate and updated every 90 days and includes contact details of CMO's, brand managers, marketing directors, media planners, account teams, and more.


For customized plans, contact our Business Information Consultant at +91 8505999819

All monthly subscription plans include these core features:

100% accurate contact records. (If some records are found bad or outdated, we replace the records immediately)

Accurate contact profiles kept up-to-date by human call center and other manual checks on a 90 days data verification cycle.

*All purchases are billed at a one time yearly fee. The points you purchase are valid for 12 months. If you decide to cancel our services anytime in-between, please call us at 08505999819.


We are India's only audience acquisition and Event Partnerships agency. We help you build audiences and Partnerships for your events.


If your organization relies heavily on seminars, trade shows or webinars, you know the importance of building maximum attendance or registration.
We are your trusted ally, generating registrations and attendance for your events. Our core strengths include database marketing, creative, invitation process management, inbound registrations, telemarketing, web registration, micro site or landing pages etc.

Millionwatts specializes in helping clients create events that generate strong attendance.

Our approach comes from the understanding of what attendees are looking for. Unique, exciting venues, Incentives to attend, Opportunities to bring a friend or colleague and Arrangements that respect their personal/professional time commitment.
We help you build an agenda that will achieve your business goals, while maintaining your attendees’ interest and recognizing their interests. We understand and recommend what makes an event successful -
We also assist with:
Venue selection and coordination
Seminar/Webinar content development
Securing subject experts for speakers
Purchasing custom-imprinted attendee incentive gifts

We manage all aspects of Audience acquisition to ensure your events success..


List development can be a combination of an existing prospect database, new list acquisition based on a specific geographic region. Millionwatts is highly skilled at researching and developing targeted audience lists and insures that you are targeting the right audiences.


From design and copy of invitation, to the follow-ups on telephone, we ensure invitation go to right individuals on time and generate interest among audiences. Millionwatts has a wealth of experience in outbound calling campaigns to assist in generating attendance for events.


Today, nothing can beat the convenience of online registration. Millionwatts can set up a registration landing page that provides event details and an accompanying form to register online.


Once a qualified registrant agrees to attend, ongoing communication is critical. Millionwatts assist in sending out reminders/invitations and notices of incentive gifts qualifications, and making follow-up calls 1-3 days before the event to avoid losing attendees.


We are the new business development and sales prospecting resource within the marketing, media and advertising industry.

The sales and marketing teams across Media, Marketing and Advertising businesses leverage Millionwatts data and prospecting services to win new business.
Clients use Millionwatts services to pursue new business, sell advertising, initiate strategic partnerships, secure corporate sponsorship and recruit top marketing talent, among other business development uses.
Our data driven services include prospect list generation, lead generation thru e-mail marketing and event audience acquisition services..