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With its fast-growing and regularly updated database of top contacts at large companies in India, Millionwatts is the only resource of ON-DEMAND prospect contact data lists.


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We build targeted, relevant and accurate B2B prospect databases and generate qualified leads, customized in order to help you enhance the profitability, efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and sales initiatives.

Businesses in Marketing, Technology and Human Resource industry rely on MillionwattsDATA to grow their sales. Customers access contact data through human verified lists delivered to their in-box every week.

Our data driven services include prospect list generation, lead generation thru e-mail marketing and event audience acquisition services.

Why we are important to your marketing and business development initiative?

Today there are many sources through which you could compile and build contact data for direct marketing campaigns. And having too many sources to compile one contact data list is not just cumbersome, it is ridiculously time taking and resource bearing.

there is a major probability that your existing data could be anywhere between 6 months or 2 years stale and the people within your database might have changed their jobs or their roles. You will never be able to run a focused campaign though such a database. Additionally, you might know your target audience and companies, but you don’t have the desired data to run your campaigns. Here is when MillionwattsDATA plays a dominant and vital role.

We address your typical marketing pain points

The most painful situation for any Marketing professional is to keep the data of their existing in-house databases relevant and current.

  • Unorganized, stale or redundant existing data: resulting high email bounces and Call-drop rates as well as; time wasted on cleaning huge amount of data
  • Failure to understand and build your ‘ideal prospect profiles’
  • Inadequate information on your customers, competitors, influencers, etc.
  • Not being up-to-date with the latest happenings in industries
  • Non alignment of Sales & Marketing processes; resulting low quality leads
  • No proper prioritization of Prospect data: not knowing who to target first
  • Lack of ability to vindicate the marketing spend = on acquiring contact data

With our consulting based approach, we work with clients as a partner and their extended office in addresing the pain areas and designing the best possible solutions.

Why Custom Data and not Standard Data

First of all – we are on-demand data providers.

We work in tandem with you to identify and create a desired role requirement that suits your specific business needs, so that you get customized data as per your necessity rather any standard pre-qualified and pre-sourced ready made data.

Nowadays, people change jobs and their roles very frequently making it very difficult to keep abreast with their changing business needs. This problem can only be solved through Custom-built database. We assist you here by providing tailor-made databases to fit your various CRM and marketing automation tools in any desired format. Once you provide us with your ideal prospect profile, we provide you with a custom-built contact database serving your marketing campaign purpose.

Why Bad Data can effect you adversely?

Data quality plays a significant role in impacting on business goals directly. So it is very important to know contact data strengths.

We clean and enrich existing contact data residing in your CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Platforms, or any other system of contact data storage. We work with our customers to identify their ideal prospect profiles matching target audience definition. Our human driven validation process by research and tele-verification experts provides the best quality results.

Why choose MillionwattsDATA?

Revolutionizes the concept of “B2B Contact Database” with our proprietary data search expertise combined with in-depth sales and marketing domain expertise.

Our solutions are an enabler for shortening lead life cycle and accessing hot prospects; thereby allowing marketing to focus on hitting prospects with the appropriate campaign, and sales to spend more time closing deals and increasing revenues; rather than discovering contacts and making cold calls.

Increase marketing effectiveness, sales pipelines and revenue by providing 100% accurate contact databases: customized to suit your specific business requirements and individually verified using a novel “multi-layer” validation process.

End-to-end management of contact data and prospect intelligence: From contact discovery to prospect prioritization, from enriching and appending your existing CRM database to managing audience development and subscription management, you will see how we make your CRM contact data management effortless.

Our Value Proposition
  • Automated contact discovery and data extraction based on focused crawling, statistical modelling and contextual search algorithms
  • Complete, accurate and telephone validated contact database; ensured through SLA based guarantees. We take pride in the quality delivered to our valued customers
  • Technology, Sales and Marketing domain expertise and best practices
  • India only focus makes our produce relevant and accurate data through deeper dive into each industry segment
  • Custom-built that fits your specific business requirements with high percentage of data accuracy

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